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Wordbubbles or Subtitles?(with exemple)

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Vote is over wordbubbles won!

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Progress on the next opus advance and i’m wondering more and more if i should do subtitles instead of Wordbubbles, i could do them like caption box like a rpg game or just t the bottom with an outline like for dvd-anime subtitles, it wouldn’t be disorienting since when characters talk you see their mouth move and i make them talk one at a time, it would also enable me to have a language option right at the beginning of the episode, removing the need to have a whole website dedicated to the french version. Word bubbles would be like usual,except they would pop here and there.
I’m asking you since in the end, you’re the ones who will be reading and personally i can go either way

Word bubble or subtitles?

  • Wordbubbles (70%, 35 Votes)
  • Subtitles (30%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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Flash comics are-a-coming

Originally published at Fortissima's Treasure Hunters. You can comment here or there.

For those who missed the tweet about it, the comic is turning into a flash comic.
Progress so far are going kind of better than expected, i think im getting more confortable with this than real comics, which is good, but im also discovering that i can get a lot more done, a LOT more, so i can’t guaranty if i will be able to update at the end of June because episode 368 keep getting bigger and bigger most likely because i’m close to cramming anything that was left of the little tea time with the witch schoolgirls arc(most likely this will be the title of the episode)

I’m contemplating also some interactive stuff in the future, no Domino’s punch-out stuff (yet),but future treasure hunts might have some point and click feel to it for the progression(wont be all the time though, and those might be side-affairs).

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Planted the seeds of my own destructions...

So i did the stupid thing of deleting the disk.sys from my old pc, so now it wont boot, i can boot windows from the cd because i messed with the dvd-readers a while back and left them in a states of them not making much sense, and now i need to make a usb boot key...but i misplaced my 2 usbkey somewhere in the appartment...

You know, you never PLAN those things, but yeah, not doing stuff when they need to be done bite you in the ass when you don't need it XD

*continue searching for the usbkeys*